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It is a period after child birth weeks during which the mother gradually returns to the non pregnant state. What is involution Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis uterus? The fibres of uterine muscle get dissolved by their own proteolytic enzymes and end products are absorbed by the blood. How do you assess involution clinically? By measuring the distance between pubic symphysis and fundus of the uterus after emptying the bowel and bladder.

Decrease is approximately 1 cm each day, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis th day fundus is felt just above the symphysis pubis. Delay in the involution of uterus is called sub involution. What are the causes of subinvolution? What is the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis pattern of lochia? Between days—There is excess of mucus and it is less reddish brown lochia serosa After 10th day onwards— It is scanty, colour varies from brown-yellow—white which is called lochia alba.

What is indicated by cessation of lochia Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis early puerperium? Infection in genital tract, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. R edprofuse lochia indicates what? It indicates that there are some retained products inside the uterine cavity. How do you treat retained products? By Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis for routine haemogramdoing an usg, giving ergometrineantibioticsblood transfusion if required and Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis removing the products with the help of suction evacuation.

How the milk formation is stimulated? Due to removal of the inhibition from lactogenic hormones which is due to high levels of progesterone and oestrogen during pregnancy. How the lactation is established?

What are the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis of retention of urine after delivery? Prolonged labour can cause brusing of the bladder base What should be done for retention of urine? She should be encouraged for the spontaneous emptying. She should be told to get out of the bed. Use commodeif it fails then catheterise. Mild urinary antiseptic like potassium citrate can be given for few days What is indicated by persistent hypertension? Means it is residual hypertensionnot toxaemia.

Tell me something about taking general care during pueperium? See the uterine involution AmountIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, colour of lochia and odour Febrile or afebrile Examination of breasts—hygiene after each feed and proper support. Laxative to treat constipation Care of episiotomy wound.

Regular change of aseptic vulval pads. Record of BP, pulse and temperature. Oral iron therapy, vitamins, high protein diet, lot of fluids which they restrict in villagesadequate rest and sleep during night.

When should she start the post natal exercises? Within 24 hrs of normal delivery. But should never overfatigue her. It prevents pulmonary embolism and restores the tone of rectii abdominis, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. In case was zu tun ist, wenn Krampfadern viel Bein verletzt C-section also, deep breathingpassive and active leg movements are Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis as soon as possible Can a woman conceive during lactational amenorrhoea?

What is puerperal pyrexia? A febrile condition of urogenital tract or extragenital infection within 21 days of the child birth in which temperature of What are the sequeale of pyrexia? Chronic pelvic diseasesterilitychronic cervicitis, urinary symptoms. What investigations you will carry out for pyrexia?

During pregnancy—hygiene is to be maintained. Improvement of general health and prevention of anemia. Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis labour—aseptic technique while conducting labour. Gloves and instruments should be properly autoclaved. Labour room should be aseptic. During puerperium—Episiotomy carebreast care and proper diet and rest, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis.

What are the causes of pyrexia? Infection of urogenital tract Anemia is a predisposing factor. Breast engorgement and infection Superficial and deep thrombophlebitis of leg veins Intercurrent infections such as viral Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, malariaIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, typhoid etc.

What is reactionary temperature? Rise in temperature upto degre F within 24 hrs of delivery. It is due to autolysis of uterine muscle and can be due to maternal exhaustion also. What is the commonest site of infection?

What are the organisms who cause infection? Usualy aerobic haemolytic streptococcus group A, C G and if there are retained productsthen anaerobes cause infection What are the sources of infection? This is the most common cause especially in villages where delivery is conducted by Dais or Midwives Infective focci may be nurseIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, attendantmother. It comes from handsfingersbed sheetsIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, glovesblanketsdustbed panstoilets etc.

What are the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis factors for infection? What is severe and acute infection? High grade fever degree F, within 48 hrsIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, with chills and rigorstachycardia, pale looklower abdominal pain which is persistent, some rigidity and guarding of the abdominal muscles Varizen und atsetilka, extremely tender uterusmalodourous and scanty lochia.

How will you manage such case? What are the complications if not treated? Bilateral salpingo-oophoritisendometritisparametritisperitonitissepticemia and death. What are the characteristics of mild infection? How will you treat gaped episiotomy wound? Remove the suture and clean the wound with Hydrogen peroxideeusol and betadine, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis.

One can resuture the wound under the cover of antibiotic umbrella with non absorbable suture material like silk or prolene. Vicryl can also be used depending upon the timing, gaping and amount of infection and granulation tissue. What are the causes of urinary tract infection? What are the signs of cystitis? Dull pain in lower abdomen, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, dysuriaIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, frequencyrigortempr degree F.

What can be done for the prevention? All ladies should be given mild alkaline antiseptic containing potassium citrate during first pueperal week. When do you see breast engorgement during puerperium? It is seen usually on 4th or 5th day after delivery, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. What is the treatment of engorgement? Hot fomentationIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, use of breat pumps and expression of milk. What are the predisposing factors for breast infection? What organisms cause breast infection?

Usually staph pyogens cause breast infection What are the signs and symptoms of mastitis? Pain and tenderness in the breastmalaiseheadacherigors with tempr degree FtachycardiaIchthyol Thrombophlebitis, angry look of the affected breastpitting on pressure Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis of breast and fluctuation if there is pus formation. What investigations are to be done if it is mastitis? Culture of the nipple swab and milk from the affected breast.

What is the treatment of mastitis? Antibioticshot fomentation, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, antiinflammatory drugsstopping of the feeding from affected breast.

If abscess is formed then drainage under antibiotic cover. What are the characteristics of superficial thrombophlebitis? Involves one or both legs Severe pain Mild fever upto degree F What is the treatment?

Firm crepe bandage Glycerine ichthyol dressings Pain Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis Early ambulation. What are the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis of deep vein thrombosis? Pain and tenderness in the affected calf muscles on touchhigher swinging temperature. Its complication is pulmonary embolism and sometimes death. Pain in the calf muscle while dorsiflexing the foot Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis keeping the knee in extended position.

What organism causes deep vein thrombosis? What is the treatment of deep vein thrombosis? How do you prevent deep vein thrombosis?

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Furuncle Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues. The localization of furuncles is diverse, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, it can not be only in the area of the palms and soles, since there are no hair follicles, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis.

The diagnosis is made simply - on the basis Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis examination and Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. Etiology is diverse, mainly defined by staphylococcus or mixed microflora. The causes of infection are: Boils are several stages of development.

The process begins with sycosis: Inflammation can be cropped conservatively. When extrusion process deepens, spreading on the hair follicle and surrounding tissue. Pustule opened, the hair falls out. Appears edema and hyperemia with blurred edges; in the center of the infiltrate, which is conically rises above the skin - it is over it purple-red color, thinned.

Furuncle dimensions vary from 1 to 2 cm, reactive inflammation Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis the surrounding tissue can be extensive. He can tear away from the self-healing. Pronounced swelling and redness around the boil, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, intimately adherent to the tissues of the rod, the localization on the face - indicate a "malignant" for boils and possible complications.

The patient should be sent to the hospital. Particularly dangerous boils localized in the middle part of the face eyebrows from - to the corners of the mouth.

Venous blood from this zone passes through the angular facial vein vena oftalmiha directly into the cavernous sinuses of the skull, which may give the development purulent meningitis.

Often boils face complicated submandibular abscesses, lymphadenitis as the outcome. Boils at other sites, although rare, but can cause other complications: The diagnosis is made according to the following principles: With multiple furuncles throughout the body, usually in equal stages of development, which indicates the systemic nature of the disease, they diagnose: It is necessary to sanitize foci of chronic infection, a diet with a restriction of carbohydrates. With a single Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, only local therapy is possible - pure ichthyol, dry heat, UHF, on the Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis furuncle - levomycol, levosin, etc.

With a recurring chronic course of the process, a specific staphylococcal anatoxin, aptifagin, vaccine and non-specific immunotherapy, vitamins A, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis, C, B are also used. In the case of large boils and extensive necrosis resort to surgical intervention. Skip to main content. Scientifically proven the benefits of meditation for health, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis.

Dolihosigma in adults and children. Diet after laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis. For girls, concussion is more dangerous. Causes Stages Diagnostics What do need to examine? Treatment Who to contact? More information of the treatment. Causes of furuncle Etiology is diverse, mainly defined by staphylococcus or mixed microflora, Ichthyol Thrombophlebitis.

Stages Boils are several Salbe aus dem Rosskastanie Rezepte für Krampfadern of development. Diagnostics of furuncle The diagnosis is made according to the following principles: What do need to examine? Treatment of furuncle It is necessary to sanitize foci of chronic infection, a diet with a restriction of carbohydrates.

More information of the treatment Physiotherapy with furunculosis. Treatment of boils at home. Share on social networks.

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Furuncle is a necrotic inflammation of hair follicle and surrounding tissues. thrombophlebitis, clean Ichthyol, dry heat, UHF, on revealed furuncle.
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Furuncle is a necrotic inflammation of hair follicle and surrounding tissues. thrombophlebitis, clean Ichthyol, dry heat, UHF, on revealed furuncle.
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